Systems Integration

With so many moving parts of a business, tasks can overrun valuable time. Time cannot be replaced. Smooth processes can be reached by leveraging smart integrations in your business. Automation may be the missing key to help your business function at its full potential.

Together with Atlas Results, evaluating what makes your business run and implementing the proper integrations, further results will be achievable.

website projects are often completed under budget in 90 days or less

Our Process

Research & Discovery

During the Research & Discovery stage, we spend a considerable amount of time with our clients. We learn their processes & workflows. We learn their strengths & weaknesses. Through this stage, we are taking close note to the deliverables that would make this project a full success.

Write Software Plan

The Software Plan is a living, breathing document that outlines everything the software will be capable of, how the user interface will look, and how the intended users will interact with the new application.

UI / UX Design

The UI / UX Design stage is where the project deliverables start to come to life. We create the interface artwork, and we introduce it to the project stakeholders at the client office. User Interface describes the visual aesthetics the software theme. The User Experience part of this process communicates how a user will interact with any given user interface.

Database Design & Build Out

The Database Design & Build Out stage plays a huge role in every process where it’s needed. The database is the part of your software application that stores information & records for reporting and future usage.

Application Programming

After the user interface & database design stages have been completed, we move into the Application Programming stage. At this point, we are creating the source code to make your user’s interface able to communicate with the website database, where the records are stored.

Quality Assurance

Ever Beta Tested a project? Well this is almost the same. Our in-house Quality Assurance team works to break your new software before it’s launched & in the wild. (Note: They don’t really ever break anything.)


The Delivery stage is the last main development category. We setup your hosting account, the hosting email system & make sure you’re application is running in the right environment.

Work Samples

Atlas results webdesign portfolio

FintessRX – Fintess landing &
company website

Greater Peoria Sanitary District

First Class Party Rentals –
premium rental agency

Old McMicky’s Farm

Central Illinois MTU

Central Illinois MTU

Projects Spotlight

We focus primarily on cloud based solutions.

Hawk’s Eye – Home Inspection Automation

Hawk’s Eye Home Inspections was looking for a way to reduce the amount of time required for their home inspection staff to complete inspections, turn them into the main office and then apply their internal quality control procedures. We worked with Hawk’s Eye to identify their main points & the processes they would like to better standardize.

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